Rodent Control

Whether you have mice or rats in your home, On Target Pest Control are here to help remove the problem at the source.

Rodents can carry diseases and contaminate our food if given the chance. They encroach on the human lifestyle, feeding off any morsels of food they can gain, using our properties for shelter. If you suspect you have a rodent infestation, it’s important to remove the problem as quickly as possible to prevent duplication of the rodents, which can happen swiftly in the right conditions.

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Learn the difference between mice and rats

The Difference Between Mice And Rats

Generally speaking, mice are much smaller than rats and are curious beings. They will inspect areas they find interesting, searching for food and water even in the smallest of holes. Rats, however, are much larger and are cautious in their exploration. A rats droppings are also bigger than a mouse’s, making it easier to identify which kind you’re sharing your space with. As you’re the one in the space, it’s important that you try to identify the rodent before calling pest control so we can be equipped with the appropriate solution for your needs.

Why Are Rodents Dangerous?

Rodents can cause damage to your property and your health. Most commonly, rodents will burrow into your insulation and make nests, breeding and damaging the insulation in your home. They can chew on floorboards, wood framework and other wood structures in your home, weakening them and making them vulnerable to further damage. Along with the physical damage to your home, rodents can often carry diseases, making not only their bites vicious but their droppings can also be fatal if consumed by pets in the home.

Learn how to determine if you have rodents

How Do You Know If You Have Rodents?

Besides seeing the rodents with your own two eyes, one of the most obvious signs you have rodents is droppings. Rodents will leave their waste in cupboards and around the edges of your home, particularly your kitchen. This waste will begin to smell as it builds up, creating noticeable scents in the affected areas that become hard to ignore. You may hear running sounds of tiny feet, particularly at night, though these are often hard to hear and can be mistaken for other subtle noises.

Learn what to do if you suspect rodents

What To Do If You Suspect Rodents

Taking images is a good first step, if you’re able to. If you can capture images of the droppings, that is especially helpful for a pest control company and if you can get a snap of the rodent itself, then that’s even better. This helps us identify the type of rodent, or confirm what you suspected from your own research. Send your pictures in to On Target Pest Control and we can come up with a plan of attack to rid your home of the pests and keep your property safe and secure. After the extermination, it’s important to inspect the areas the rodents have been. For example, contact electricians if you notice a wire has been eaten through. Finally, deep clean your home. It will not only eliminate the threat of any disease spreading, but it will make you feel a lot cozier knowing your home is sparking clean again.

We’re here to help you get rid of your rodent problem, by identifying the source of the issue, eliminating the opportunity for more rodents and removing the issue efficiently and safely. Contact On Target Pest Control to receive assistance with your rodent problem.

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