Our Journey

Our Founder - Vinny Ferguson's  Story
In 1983, I started working in commercial pest control in Manhattan, NY.  for the most exclusive commercial pest control company in New York City. I’ve performed service for high-end facilities such as The (former) World Trade Center, The New York Stock Exchange, Rockefeller Center, The Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, among many others. I moved my family to Atlanta in 1987 and continued my work in pest control. I became certified in Georgia in 1990 and started my own pest control business here in Atlanta.


A lot has changed since then. Today, it’s more important than ever to protect our environment… while getting rid of all unwanted pests creeping around your home, office, restaurant, church, or other personal space. 


This might sound strange to you, but… I love solving pest problems! After my first few years of working in pest control, I discovered a deep sense of satisfaction coming from helping people eliminate their pest and insect problems. We have created a company that specializes in protecting your home or business from unwanted pests and rodents, with environmentally safe products and methods. We also can use traditional products for those customers or pest situations that require this type of service.



The On Target Approach

No matter what your concern, we’ll use a proven 3-step process to remedy your problem:

  1. Identify the conditions leading to a pest, insect, or rodent problem.

  2. Locate the sources of those problems.

  3. Pinpoint the entry points where they’re gaining access.

Because each home and customer has different needs, we will assess your situation, discuss treatment options, and provide the best service option that suits your needs.



3 Reasons to Choose On Target Pest Control:

  • Fast and friendly service at a time that’s convenient for you… especially if you need flexibility because of scheduling around family concerns.


  • We use either natural (plant-based) or traditional products and methods that are safe for you, your family, pets, and our environment.


  • We stand behind our workmanship. If you have any recurring issues, we’ll come back at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

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