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We have all had those moments where we’re enjoying a day outside with our family and all of a sudden, you can’t stop itching your skin. Although there could be many reasons for the itch, chances are you’ve been bitten by a mosquito. Sometimes found near standing water, mosquito bites can be incredibly painful and can even carry disease in some circumstances. Treating for mosquitos while being mindful of non-target insects and pollinators is always our goal.

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Learn why mosquitos bite and the risks associated

Why Do Mosquitos Bite & Why Is It Bad?

Female mosquitos need blood to survive and breed, so they’re quite literally out for blood. Their bites can feel like a sharp tiny stab, and can cause great inflammation in the skin along with an itch that feels impossible to find relief from. Along with the discomfort mosquito bites bring, they can also carry pathogens that cause , West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, La Crosse virus, and Saint Louis encephalitis- all dangerous diseases that need to be avoided. Mosquitos reproduce extremely quickly which makes it important to have an experienced professional provide treatments that will bring you relief. Give Us A Call Today! We are here to help you take your yard back!

How Can You Prevent Mosquito Bites?

Wearing a high-quality mosquito repellant is one of the best ways to prevent bites while out in nature. There are all natural repellants available as a healthier alternative. Make sure that you’re thoroughly covered and reapply regularly throughout the day. Standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitos so where possible, be on the watch for these pests and steer clear if you see a swarm nearby.

Learn how On Target Pest Control removes mosquitos

How Can On Target Pest Control Remove Mosquitos?

We start with an inspection to identify conditions and breeding sites which need to be treated and removed to help prevent infestations. We then take an aggressive approach towards adult mosquitos by applying materials targeted to kill them as well as treating their resting areas. We use a combination of highly effective treatments suited for your mosquito issue while being mindful of the potential negative impact on non-target insects and pollinators.

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How Can I Stop Mosquitos From Coming Back?

Mosquitos can travel a good distance from surrounding areas to get to your yard making treatments challenging at times. Eliminating their breeding sites such as children's toys and items in your yard that hold water, flower pot bases, and certain fallen leaves from trees like Magnolia trees can all hold standing water. If you have vegetation growing on your property, make sure it’s trimmed so mosquitos can’t hide and breed in these areas.

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