Mild Winter Means More Insects

Summer is finally here and we are seeing an increase in customers looking for Pest control in Decatur and Pest Control in Atlanta in general. The mild winter has had a noticeable impact on the early emergence of and the increased numbers of insects. Insects such as Kudzu Bugs were noticed in late winter when temperatures were above average and they have since moved from primarily around homes and businesses to vegetation because of the heat and their natural patterns. Although most insects have the ability for a percentage of their population to survive a hard winter, a mild winter means that the natural population reduction that would normally take place during the winter is affected by the warmer than usual weather. We have gotten numerous calls about fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, large roaches, and even ticks, as early as March. Remember that insects have the same basic needs as we do being food, shelter, and water. With it being hot outside, insects tend to move inside with us where it is cooler. It is their basic survival skill, which preserves their populations.

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