Bed Bugs in Moving Vans

If you are planning on moving and will be renting a moving truck, you should be aware of the possibility that bed bugs could be found in the moving van transporting your household goods. Since these vans handle a high volume of items over periods of time, the opportunities for bed bugs to move from one household’s mattress to the truck and then to the next customer’s mattress or moving box is something to consider. Bedbugs, unlike most insects can survive for long periods of time without a meal making it possible for them to live in a moving van for many months if necessary before hitching a ride on the possessions of an unsuspecting customer. ┬áMany moving companies now have their trucks inspected by bug-sniffing dogs with certification for these inspections, according to the American Moving & Storage Association. When thinking about Bed Bugs in Atlanta being on the rise, it would not be a bad idea to ask your mover or the truck rental company about their bed bug precaution methods.

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