Natural Pest Control in Atlanta

On Target Pest Control is very serious about protecting our environment and helping nature while finding the best solutions for our pest/insect problems. We have been focusing on the safest methods and materials for a long time, and we continue to adjust our care and treatment programs with new eco-sensitive products and ideas as they become available. We cannot ignore the need to protect our world, just as it is our responsibility to help keep our home safe and sound and free from pests. It is a challenging balance, and one that we are completely committed to.

  • On Target focuses on thorough inspections and physical barriers first to eliminate entry points, harborages, and nest situations that can lead to pest problems.
  • Our Environmentally Friendly Programs includes Eco-Smart, patented botanical products which contain a blend of oils that specifically targets pests, not humans or pets.

Protecting the Ecology

As a result, all of our pest control programs are carefully monitored to provide service at the highest eco-friendly level. Our Integrated Pest Management approach features:

  • The use of the safest most effective products available.
  • All our programs are carefully evaluated to provide effective pest control with low environmental impact.
  • We focus on specific product placement and identification, using a target-specific approach to each pest and problem.
  • The Eco Smart products we use are derived from natural products found throughout the world.
  • Careful baiting is used instead of blanket treating.

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